Versace Eyewear Soundtrack

In December of 2016, I recorded this original composition for Versace Eyewear with the unstoppable flamenco guitarist, Jackson Scott. It was used in Versace’s Spring 2017 campaign.

Jackson and I met at a jam while he was visiting NYC, and he had a vision for adding cello to a commercial spot he was working on. We spent a couple of sessions improvising together and went into the studio.

I had done a few studio recordings before, but this was my first advertising gig. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. As it turned out, fitting all the music we had thought about into a one minute commercial spot was totally impossible. We ended up just improvising something brand new in the studio.

Louis Rassaby

Louis Rassaby

My name is Louis Rassaby. I’m a software engineer, entrepreneur, and cellist based in Brooklyn. My preferred language is Scala.

Away from the keyboard, I make food and music. I play a weekly jazz cello gig with my friends at Caffe Vivaldi in the West Village. I’m half of a band called Cellolele.