Caffe Vivaldi – Closing Concert

Caffè Vivaldi has been my musical home since I came to NYC 3 years ago. It was the first place I performed in the city, and I’ve met some of the most talented, genuine people of my life through it.

It shut down permanently last week, but we managed to get a video of our last two songs there. Skip ahead to 2:00 for the beginning of the song, or watch the whole thing if you’re feeling like the full experience.

Louis Rassaby

Louis Rassaby

I’m a Brooklyn-based software engineer and entrepreneur currently at Google.

I’ve founded a couple of things. Previously, I led the new products team engineering team at Phosphorus Genomics, analyzing genetic data and educating tens of thousands of people on their risks of developing or passing on genetic diseases.

Away from the keyboard, I make food and music. I’m half of a band called Cellolele and I once played in an ad for Versace.