Versace Eyewear Soundtrack

In December of 2016, I recorded this original composition for Versace Eyewear with the unstoppable flamenco guitarist, Jackson Scott. It was used in Versace’s Spring 2017 campaign.

Jackson and I met at a jam while he was visiting NYC, and he had a vision for adding cello to a commercial spot he was working on. We spent a couple of sessions improvising together and went into the studio.

I had done a few studio recordings before, but this was my first advertising gig. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. As it turned out, fitting all the music we had thought about into a one minute commercial spot was totally impossible. We ended up just improvising something brand new in the studio.

Louis Rassaby

Louis Rassaby

I’m a Brooklyn-based software engineer and entrepreneur currently at Google.

I’ve founded a couple of things. Previously, I led the new products team engineering team at Phosphorus Genomics, analyzing genetic data and educating tens of thousands of people on their risks of developing or passing on genetic diseases.

Away from the keyboard, I make food and music. I’m half of a band called Cellolele and I once played in an ad for Versace.